Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Computer games surpass movies in terms of spectacle in the next few years. People more and more live their shared lives in a computer game that has rendered their real lives more of a game than controlling their virtual selves, which now has second priority to serving their employer. Real life is third priority. Some are already there. Digital friends are favoured over the organic kind.

Skills and understandings, are only retained in society if they have direct applicability to a cyberspace existence. When the natural equilibrising forces of nature are brought to bear on this situation, people can not cope. Billions die. Those with sharp swords and enough ammunition prevail. The armed forces of most countries are the focus of those with any sort of wealth or power - the best avenue of survival.

They are rejected. Only the strong survive. Post-apocalyptic warzone. I can't see any way to avoid all this. All stories are true. It's happenning again. All creation can be described by this equation:

f(t) = f(x)sin(f(t)) + f(y)cos(f(t)) + f(z)tan(f(t)) + ...


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