Saturday, April 23, 2005


These are some of the various pictures that represent me on the internet, along with some descriptive prose.

This is one of the guys responsible for the internet. Read about him here.

This is Peter Sellers. He's in my favorite movie, 'Being There'.

This is Chris Crawford. He approaches the creation of computer games as an art form. I respect his determination.

This is a Lemming, out of 'Lemmings'. Another classic game from the people who brought you GTA.

This is The Maxx, who inhabits a girl's dream land and protects her from the wilderness.

This is Raz, the main character from the Excellent Game Psychonauts. Out Now!!!

This is a Samurai warrior, taken from the cover of the tabletop RPG game 'The Book of Five Rings', which is named after an excellent ancient Japanese writing by the famed swordsman, Miyamoto Musashi.

This is a Tim Burton Chracter, Stain Boy. I like Tim's visual style.

This is me. I'm not that interesting.

Thursday, April 21, 2005


Second job I've applied for:

This is the sort of reason why:

and also, John Carmack has blogged recently that he's become addicted to mobile phone games.

Almost done

I'm nearly finished.
Soon enough I won't have to do that any more.
It'll be the end of an important, yet selfish, phase.

Afterward I'll lose interest and find another inlet. I hope it won't be a lethal one.

Concrete music. Listening now. Quicktime required. On the right hand side of the page.
Do you want the link?

Monday, April 18, 2005


Pretty poxy so far. Bit of a waste of space. I got one for my birthday 'cause I couldnt think of anything else when my mum asked me what I wanted, so I said an xbox after some mmming and ahhing, mostly because Psychonauts is coming out on xbox, so she just went out and got me one. Mightnight club 3 is dire. Ill be getting Halo 1 soon to see what all the fuss was about. Psychonauts won't be out for months in europe, most likely. I'm thinking of getting: Ninja Gaiden, Burnout2/Outrun2, ... can't think of anything else. People who think it's better than the 'cube are completely retarded. The graphics aren't as good, framerate isn't as good, controller is annoying, and all the games are trashy americana and made for jocks.

Update: Maybe I was a bit harsh. Halo's pretty cool. Outrun is lots of fun. I changed midnight club and the free karaoke thing for: Halo, Outrun2, Burnout2 PS2 and Simpsons Hit and Run PS2. Good job me.

Friday, April 15, 2005

It's that time again

It's almost 4am and I'm at my PC, so it's time to update the blog. The new link on the right ( is fucking amazing. This is some IT bloke who makes hilarious webcomics in his spare time. They are utter classics. The use of photoshop to slightly alter Burton's expressions as his torture proceeds in the new comic is genius.

In other news, everything is fine. Have a nice day.