Tuesday, February 01, 2005


OK, I don't know what this blog is going to be, or if anyone will ever actually read it, but since it's potentially available for the whole world to see, I'll just interject a post which doesn't actually say anything, but merely pacifies my own moral sense of propriety in one long meaningless sentence. Here goes.

I hold opinions (this in itself is to my own chagrin), that many others have held in the past. Things like; technology is a force for good as much as it is for evil, doing things for the sake of themselves is silly - sitting is inherently better than standing, lying down is inherently better than sitting, moshing is inherently better than standing or sitting or lying down, unless you're lying down on top of someone or vice versa. And many others.

These opinions are merely a series of bricks that I have apportioned to myself through the processes involved in being a conscious being on Earth, and can and should* be relegated to a pile in the background. Some people choose to build things with these bricks. The old wall, more complex architectural attempts, and so on. * I say 'should' because there is no particular goal for humanity. The goal is implicit. Why are we here? We are here in order to exist.

To take things too seriously is to negate the essence of the spirit. To not take this last sentence seriously is to turn your back on a source of power that could topple civilisations. More tomorrow. maybe.


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